An Apology

A while ago I wrote a blog post about me having a female body. Having talked to many trans* people and being soundly corrected, I need to modify that to ‘body of a cis woman’. I could also ID it as a agender body, as it belongs to me, who IDs as agender.

There’s also a relevant article in today’s BBC Magazine about a cis woman who was born without a portion of her genitalia  – just because her body doesn’t have some of what a lot of people would call ‘normal’ female parts, doesn’t mean she’s any less a woman or female if that’s how she identifies.

I’ve been getting more and more educated by people in my social sphere, and those outside it, even though I know it’s not actually their responsibility to do so, and I do appreciate it. Maybe eventually I’ll get the hang of navigating gender, sex, privilege and everything else life throws at me. I can hope.

But, short version: Sorry for screwing up my terminology and insulting people.


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